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Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

Safety shield is one of the prominent Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Dealers in Chennai We are deals with Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguishers that are specially Designed for high Performance and to achieve rapid Fire knock down Capability for Protection of light, ordinary and high Hazards for all type of Industries. Safety shield is one of the prominent quality and cost effective Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Suppliers in Chennai. Safety Shield caters to all type of industries for Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Supplier in Chennai. Safety shield deals withMechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Sales in Chennai. Safety shield is the most Trusted Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher Dealer in Chennai

Product Overview

Mechanical Foam Type fire extinguisher isquickest way to kill a fire is to not let it feed off the oxygen in the vicinity. Ceasefire’s Foam based extinguishers use a chemical foam that blankets the flames and cuts off the oxygen supply. While they are effective against Class A and B fires, they are ideal for use on burning liquids like oil and petrol.

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Product Features


Foam Extinguisher works on the simple principle of cutting off the supply of oxygen required by sustain a fire.


Extinguishers coated with pure polyester powder coating for superior quality which is tested for higher impact resistivity and flexibility.

Easy Snap Lever Lock

Complete tamper proof safety seal with a simple squeezing mechanism with Easy snap Lever lock safety seal

Pressure Gauge

Easy to read Pressure gauges that helps you check the rediness of the extinguisher.

EPDM rubber hose

Superior grade EPDM Rubber braided hose is more flexible than the normal rubber used in hose pipe and also far less prone to cracks.                        

Smart Handling

Our portable extinguisher is very easy to handle during fire hazards                                                 

Maintenance & Service

Our high performance cost effective extinguishers are very easy to maintain, service and rechargeble                         


As per your needs, you can choose fire extinguishers from our wide ranges and capacitye

Technical Specification

Fire Extinguisher Capacity Minimum Period for Which Throw off Set Maintained At Least 90% of Contests Range of Jet Empty.wt(Approx) Full wt. (Approx) Fire Rating Working Pressure Hydro Pressure Brusting Pressure
6 Ltr. Stored Pressure 35 sec 25 sec 6 mtr 3.2 kg 9.2 kg 2A 34 B 15 KGF/CM2 35 KGF/ CM2 55 KGF/ CM2
9 Ltr. Stored Pressure 35 sec 60 sec 3 mtr 5.35 kg 14.35 kg 3A 34 B 15 KGF/CM2 35 KGF/ CM2 55 KGF/ CM2
20 Ltr. - - - - - - - - - -
45 Ltr. - - - - - - - - - -
60 Ltr. - - - - - - - - - -
125 Ltr. - - - - - - - - - -

Suitable for classes

Class A

Class A fires are fires in ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth, rubber, and many plastics.

Class B

Class B fires are fires in flammable liquids such as gasoline, petroleum greases, tars, oils, oil-based paints, solvents, alcohols

Applicable Fire Areas

ABC Type fire extinguisher covers A, B, C class of fires which includes Papers, Wood, Cloth, Rubber, Plastic & inflammable liquid like oil, Petrol, Paints, Petrochemical Product, Resins, Gases in the compressed Form like Oxygen, Acetylenes, LPG & CNG, Electrical & Sophisticated electrical equipments.

Industrial Location

Petrol Bunks


Industrial Locations

Generator Rooms

Textile Industry

Chemical industry

Petroleum Depots


We are ready to protect your environment from all fire hazards

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